What We Do

At Pizzata we believe everyone deserves great pizza, made fresh at home.

That's why we offer an extensive collection of premium pizza ovens and accessories for New Zealanders to either buy or rent. Whether you're hosting an occasion, want to experiment making pizza, or just fancy a pizza night in, we have the ovens and tools to help you create restaurant-quality pizzas right at home.

Our range includes:

  • Gas, wood-fired and electric pizza ovens for purchase  
  • High-quality pizza oven kits and accessories   
  • Premium pizza ingredients
  • Pizza Oven hiring and Party Catering services

Our team of pizza experts can assist you in choosing the oven that's right for you, as well as provide recipe ideas and cooking tips.


Why We Do It

Our mission is simple - to put a great pizza within reach of every Kiwi family.  

Great pizza has the power to bring joy, creating shared memories around the table that last a lifetime. It deserves to be part of every community.

That's why our team at Pizzta works hard to develop ovens that are accessible and easy to use, helping people cook restaurant-quality pizzas from the comfort of their own homes.   

Our aim is to spread the deliciousness and share the magic of pizza with as many Kiwis as possible.        

Our journey has only just begun. Together, we're determined to get the best pizza oven into the backyard - or kāinga - of every family in New Zealand.


Kia kaha - let's make some pizza!  

Kia kaha - let's make some pizza!